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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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reappointment to the port commission. myself and our whole local is very excited the day when he became a port commissioner for our history in the o i o w and the port in san francisco going back to 1934 that was one of our proudest days a lot of the members in the past have been involved with san francisco and the government of our country and all those members have gone down in our history books. and i guarantee you willie adams is on the right path to go down in history with our union. i think that at this point in his career of being a port commissioner, i think that's just another long chapter in the
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book of this man's life. both of those commissioners have worked hand to hand with our union to repeal support movement of cargo, people, and the maritime industry in this city that whole port commission and staff there doris republican and a lot of other people peter who's here today have been very instrumental in everything that's gone on in all the projects along the waterfront and i'm here today to thank them and please ask that both of them be reappointed thank you for your time >> thank you. >> indulge supervisors. shawn i'm the president of local 34 i'm going to talk about the willie i know willie who is my
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friend and will absolutely be there for anybody anytime no matter what and he does that in his job as commissioner if you show up at the meeting and need 5, 6, 7 minutes after the meeting is over he will take the time. and the reason you see that from willie he's humble he comes up and speaks from the heart and you can see it comes from his internal feelings from himself. if you look at where willie will be from 5 years from now if not an international secretary for us he'll be on the job next to us and me.
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he's a working class guy and a humble man and an outstanding servant for the sfifgs >> any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed. so really don't have much to add what i find besides all compliments i thought one of the things that was outstanding was the feeling i got was that he's a thoughtful person. and bay he's also been the producer of several documentary films he's multiple talented. supervisor campos. with that it's my pleasure to move this forward as a committee report >> supervisor tang. >> thank you i'd like to second that motion.
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i think it was so wonderful getting to know commissioner adams better he supports our port his work has brought him subtitling and it's important to have him on our team and also i think i really like what you said about bringing willie more education to the community and having to do with the waterfront so thank you for that and even with his busy schedule he has time for all things >> thank you there's another motion and we'll take that without objection. that item passes. congratulations. madam clerk item 3 >> it's a motion confirming the reappointment to the treasure island's board of directors term ending february 28, 2013.
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>> mr. ma idol would you like to come up and make a statement. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for considering my reappointment to tida i've been on this tida board foreclose to 4 years and have served for vice president the last two years i have a great working relationship with staff. since i've been on the board one of my biggest priorities is to make sure that the residents are take the opportunity i think that tida and it's staff have done a fabulous job on holding meetings and meeting with the residents one-on-one to hear concerns. i plan to make sure that the residents voices continue to be heard so they feel their needs
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is addressed it's important we keep on open door 0 policy. i along with the former director larry have been proud to represent all the workers on and on that working on the island adding to lease agreements so ail the workers on the island get a fair wage and i plan on making sure the workers have protected and all the people that work on the island are protected i am a strong supporter of tida and i give homeless people a chance for working relationships and this is a program i'd like to see continue to grow. i've also been and will continue to be an advocate for the
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development to start silicon valley this week we passed a policy that will help pr we need this to start but most important it creates affordable housing this city is in dire need of it will be great if the people who work there can live on the island. i'm proud to report the commercial leasing has flushed since i've been on the board from seven hundred thousands to many more and many people are living on the island several wineries and clothing stores and construction recommended businesses are also on treasure island and special events like the treasure island you music festival and the baseball and la grossing cross are keeping the
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island alive. the ongoing clean up of the island the staff has communicated with the resident we've held many meetings to update people on the clean up and to the navy and to the department of public health have helped. it's a good thing this is being closely monitored. my prospective is the same when i represent workers on unsafe job sites i don't want workers exposed to poisons and i don't want to see residents on inu unsafe housing i work for a better peace of mind for safe housing. i'm proud of the progress and would appreciate the chance to serve again if you have any
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questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much. mr. chair and director mazola and thank you for meeting with me i've been impressed by the hard work and i've appreciated the focus on the resident. so i was wondering in terms of the issues of the clean up y where do you see things going and the next steps i think you've spent time focusing on that issue i actively think your prospective is right on you'll approach it with the work site as it relates to workers >> thank you and even though navy is progressing and the next step is already started they're going into the actual units and testing the units they're going to be testing every single unit that's the most important part
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of their job and we're looking forward to good results. >> this is one more commission where having the navy prospective is important. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i have a quick question i mentioned to or a while back in this committee we had a to make a decision on funding 3 needed to go out to the city for a fire to happen to truld on the docks so the owner the boat that was leasing the docking area ended up to have she or he's the question i have we require that they have insurance so what is the mechanism to make sure that
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whoever treasure island leased the space to what have the insurance necessary? >> thanks for your question that incident you're talking about happened about 8 years ago before i got on the board i know it from the staff briefing us a tug boat was brought out and they're allowed to park and they off and on the boat didn't have insurance and the city had to pay for that. since then it's a requirement and it's checked and you can't sign a lease unless you have a card on file and it's up for renewal the staff make sure it happens there's zero incidents since >> that's a good answer. thank you
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>> thanks. >> public comments i have a few cards here. (calling names) >> good afternoon. i'm mark conner's a long time resident on treasure island i'm here to support reappointment to larry on the board it's been an advocate for labor and jobs on the island. over the years he's spoken that residents are job ready and the competitive wages they can buy a home there this is a community they'll build larry is a strong advocate for tida with hiring so the current members of the community benefit from the
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redevelopment one of the things i've respected he asks clarifying questions for the clarifying to the residents. thank you >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm becky a long time resident of treasure island. larry has been there for us. as a be long time resident and been very tiff a lot of the commissioners are not also assessable and larry's this it will be a shame not to have him as our spokesperson he asks the tough questions to keep us safe i ask you to reappoint larry to the board >> thank you. >> supervisors michael with the
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building and construction trade council larry covered the ground we're moving forwards the constructions when we have hoped phenomenon on the island the transfer came from the economic development committee this week and next week i assume will be before the full board for your approval and the work may begin in 2015 when it happens it will be good for us to have someone that understands the construction on the island and larry was saying the issues that the residents face are the same issues that the workers face they'll be spending 1/3rd of the days and facing the challenges
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of the toxins and other things. those concerns are concerns we all share and i think larry understands as you've heard. thank you >> tim paulson supervisors again director of the san francisco labor council one hundred and 50 units both from the public and private sector and larry sits on the council he's one of the top leaders in the city and i just want to say that, you know, having that labor sitting on that commission as a director of tida is extremely important and the labor movement supports larry so we think he's done an incredible job as this island evolves so we support the labor union supports
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larry mazola. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors i came today to support larry mazola junior larry and i were appointed at the same time in 2010 and served together for almost 4 years. some of you know i retired and as of mark in the morning on the commission but i wanted to share with you my experience working with larry and it's been a good one. i'm probably going to echo a couple of things he's been a responsible and committed board member. all of his colleagues appreciate him, you know, and his commitment to the work we do there. i've been personally witnessed
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many, many times when we had controversial issues come up before our board that larry has listens to all sides and in all cases he comes down on the side of the residents and the community on treasure island and i really appreciated him for that and my other colleagues did as well. he was unanimously elected at first, as secretary of the board and later elected unanimously as vice president. and there's no question about his strong leadership skills and his positions in the city as a labor leader i think that preserve is absolutely necessary on the board i strongly recommend his reappointments >> any public comment on that
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item? seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor campos. >> i guess it's possible to have more than one larry on the commission that i'm happy to move this forward with a positive recommendation. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you happy to second that we've having had strong leader and thank you director mazola i appreciate working with you if in general levelheaded and thank you for your service and let's move forward with a positive recommendation. >> seeing no objection that item passes. congratulations. madam clerk item 4 >> item 4 is the motion confirming the reappointment of robert to the oversight board to the city and county of san
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francisco term ending january 4th, 2018. >> grand jury i'm bob the executive director of local 21 i'm here respectfully requesting reappointment of the san francisco redevelopment agency i've learned the title of the committee i'm qualified. it's been an honor to be a representative on this board. i'm sure you're aware of the board was established after the board was dissolved we provide fiscal oversight to the critical development to the projects that remain to be completed. there's been a lot of very intense decision making that needed to be taken palace following the dissolution the
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board has worked welling well, to try to address those decisions and exerted the best judgment in completing the transbay terminal and hunters point shipyard projects. the board has cooperated closely with the mayor and his instead of the controller and we continue to work with the states department and finance to try to help the city complete it's fiduciary abilities to the enforceable obligations throughout the city although redevelopment has come to an end the redevelopment will continue over the years i respectively ask for your support >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, very much sir, i think this is an important
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reappointment. and i don't think we're going to do better than given our expertise and the experience i'm very glad you want to continue to serve i'm happy to support you today. i'm wondering, sir what your key challenges you see are and priorities that your moving forward >> yeah. i'll be glad to certainly not an expert but learning about redevelopment in san francisco it's kind of stated in a way to learn about development and seeing the program ending the tremendous impact on the city. san francisco, you know, really developed the redevelopment program in the way it was intended and other places didn't and the scale that allowed the city to work at is really
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terrific how we make intelligent decisions are a very long way to life they have left and while working through the state department of finance trying to apply rules and regulations and interpretations statewide to our city here and the project the unique nature of the projects is by far the most challenging and continuing our obligations on affordable housing is the component of many projects that is going to be very challenging we've learned a lot about the employee side and a lot of people with a great deal of city history and knowledge that are leaving because very development is coming to an end so this absent or flight of knowledge and some of the difficult decisions we have to make about projects in a deep investment in
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is of a - a very challenging situation >> thank you. i had did opportunity to work with you your sharp a quick study. >> thank you, sir. >> . tim paulson welcome back and it's tim paulson day at the rules committee >> thank you, sir its great to be here with great representatives on the commission. i want to acknowledge we're very aware of the labor of the redevelopment and how key it was in a lot of the moving forward in the development of the city the hunters point and the areas named to through out the baby with the bathwater was not the
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great thing the successor agency has to manage the funds and bob is an excellent representative of - i do want to remind that you bob is the employee person who was chaired to the labor council in setting the table for the negotiations that have happened with so many of the employees that are here in the city and county of san francisco and hesitate navigation is good to move him forward we're proud to have him as a representative i urge your reappointment to the board >> thank you any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed. a supervisor tang >> all right. well i again
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really want to thank bob for taking the time to serve it's a complicated issue. and so i know that given our work and local 21 and some of the members that are working were formerly at the redevelopment agency it's important to have our prospective on the board with that with full recommendation to the full board. on a normal schedule >> twhats normal? we'll take that without objection. that item passes. >> that item 5. >> is the reappointment of john ram to the successor agency to the city and county of san francisco term ended
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january 24th, 2018. >> good afternoon john ram speaking to you not as a board member but with the office of infrastructure with that, i think my 3 minutes are up. thank you for your consideration today and to reaffirm i'm my interests in staying on the board it's an important robot to over see the dissolution of the agency as the gentleman said it's been changing. but in seeing through the very important robot on the enforceable obligations at the mission bay and hunters point shipyard and the housing replacement obligations. i'm sure you're aware of the oversight board has the fiduciary responsibility to over see the fiscal dissolution and working with our other board
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members and the taking entities that have an interest. i see my roll always the land use roll so the board is doing with the prospective in the larger use of the land use in the city i enjoyed that roll and frankly have learned a lot on the fiscal side of the operation. so i'm very interested to continue my work on the board and with my fellow board members we're an interesting broad range of folks. if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them thank you. >> okay. no questions. how did you get away with that? (laughter) any public comment on that item? seeing none, public is closed. supervisor tang >> all right. very happy to
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recommend director john ram to continue in this roll thank you for your and into evidence with positive recommendation to the full board. >> without objection that item passes. >> madam clerk item 6 and it's a hearing to consider appointing one member to the term of 2014 to the market and octavia seat 3 applicants. >> rig all right. >> hi. >> hi. >> you probably want to know my involvement in the hates area i moved to hates street at that
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time, i had a planning business in the castro when harvey milk was closed by in 192390 i've opened a store this is a picture of me in front of my store a younger person. the screen the name t is modern metrological i put on the freeway the freeway was damaged in 1989 i opened my store and from that day i had on the door the photograph of the damaged freeway and said imagine has a street without that. i was one of the first people that called caltrain there were a group that said let's call caltrain and said the freeway should come down and everyone in city hall didn't laugh about it
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was finally a struggle to get the freeway down i i was an active part of that and on the planning department how to keep the housing and how we do that and i'm active i no longer have my store this is another thing showing i was involved during that time in 2008, i was nominated the woman of the year and i'm proud of that. there was a time when people were asking for letters and i didn't quite catch that but i brought a letter from richard who's the president of the merchant and my coworker i've been around a long time and very aware of the issues surrounding